Update on The Ten Show

Pilot Season

August 22, 2019 Update:  We’ve been operating this cozy theater now for about 18 months. If there’s something we’ve learned in 18 months of operating a small theater is that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need doing. It’s exhausting. But it’s also thrilling  to see it all come together. 


 The Ten Show is an online streaming series originating from Provo, Utah, and designed to be a celebration of the entire process, from script selection to casting, from rehearsals to performance, from budgeting to putting butts in the seats. See if there’s a role in the descriptions below that calls to you, then fill out the form below and submit the thing. Let’s make some magic together!




We’re looking for 10 people game to take on the role of producing one or more 10-minute plays. You don’t have to have producing experience, but experience in the theater biz, whether on the acting side or crew side, is a plus. You’ll be provided a modest budget and a venue (The Hive Collaborative, an 80-seat theater in Provo, Utah). You’ll have one week to pull your show together. If you are selected to advance to the next round, you’ll repeat the process. 


The Budget


Each producer is allocated an equal budget. It is modest ($250 per 10-minute play). From that budget, you must bid against your fellow producers for a script you choose from a pool plays accepted by The Ten Show, hire a director (or direct the play yourself), cast your show from our pool of actors (you can cast yourself if you want), and assemble costumes and props (if necessary). Producers can accept freebies (e.g., an actor provides his/her own clothing), but producer’s are not allowed to supplement their budget with outside funds. In other words, no side deals. Every one starts on equal footing. Unused budget funds from one week may be carried forward to the following week.


The Plays


We put out a call for plays earlier in the year and received many wonderful selections. We’re in the process of reaching out to selected playwrights to gauge their interest in being part of this updated approach to The Ten Show. We’re looking for a pool of 25 10-minute plays, of which we anticipate 20 will be selected to be staged as part of the show. We may re-open our call for submissions if necessary to bring the total number of plays in the pool to 25. If you’re a playwright with a terrific 10-minute play, keep your eye on this page for a temporary re-opening of our call for submissions.




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putting on the show is one thing. Putting butts in the seats is another.








note that we have put the brakes on the submission of plays, effective Monday, 1/7 at midnight, so we can work through our queue. After that, we’ll make a determination as to whether to unpause the submissions. Thanks to all who have sent in their work! We will be reaching out to our finalists soon. We’re developing this show for Fall 2019. 






























The Hive Collaborative, a new 80-seat theater located in Provo, Utah, is developing a new streaming series focusing on the staging and performance of the ten-minute play. Ten directors will work with playwrights and actors to bring new plays to the stage on a weekly basis in a competition format. Last director standing will share equally in a $10,000 cash prize with the winning playwright and two winning actors.  








Note to playwrights: The season will consist of a series of 10-minute plays. If you are selected to participate in the season and move on to the next round, you’ll be requested to submit another 10-minute play, and so on. Other than the first round of plays, which will be pulled from the submissions we receive from playwrights initially, the plays for the following weeks may need to include an assigned theme or other element, and as such may not necessarily be something you have written previously. Hence, part of the challenge for playwrights is being able to write under a time challenge (playwrights will always have at least three days to complete a writing assignment). Another challenge for the playwrights will be the one-minute video pitch for each script, which will be the primary mechanism for persuading directors to select your script. The winning playwright might have as many as four plays produced during the course of the pilot season. If you are open to the live-streaming and on-demand chronicling of the development of your work and its performance, you’re invited to complete the submission form below.








Note to directors: As a director on The Ten Show, you will hear pitches from playwrights on Monday, select scripts based on those pitches, attend actor auditions with fellow directors, negotiate with actors in an effort to persuade them to do your project, rehearse and otherwise prepare your play for production on Friday. You must also attend the selection show on Saturday. Directors who advance each round will participate in either weeks 1 & 3 or weeks 2 & 4 of the show. If you progress past the first two rounds, round three would take place in week 5, and the final round would take place in week 6. Much of the preparation of your project, and the performance itself, is intended to be streamed live. You must be available to work as a local at The Hive in Provo, Utah.








Note to actors: As an actor on The Ten Show, you will be asked to perform a one-minute audition for a group of directors. Directors may also ask you to read sides. After all actors have auditioned, there may be a brief casting session during which you may be approached by directors seeking to cast you in their show. You will have to select which show or shows, if any, you wish to perform in and make your commitment during the casting session. You may earn credits for each show you perform in based on your negotiations with the director. The actor with the most credits at the end of the season earns a one-quarter share of the $10,000 prize. In addition, one other actor will earn a one-quarter share of the $10,000 prize in a manner to be revealed during the season. As actors, you are not required to be available for all weeks of the run, but the weeks you do participate you would be required to be available during the evenings from Monday to Saturday. You must be available to work as a local at The Hive in Provo, Utah.








If you would like to be considered for participation in the pilot season of The Ten Show, we invite you to complete the submission form below.
































Question: What is the deadline for submissions? Answer: We’re going to stop accepting submissions at midnight on Monday, 1/7, MST, so we can go through our queue. We’ll then make a determination whether to unpause the submission process.








Question: May I submit work that has been previously produced elsewhere? Answer: Yes. We don’t want to penalize you for having done excellent work in the past. However, please don’t mention any prior productions or awards in your pitch. We want your submission to stand on its own merits.








Question: May I submit more than one play for consideration? Answer: No. Please submit only one script. We may ask for an additional script if we are considering your for participation in the program to see more of a representative sample of the body of your work, but for now, please submit only one script (make it a good one). 








Question: My play is only about five minutes long. Is that OK? Answer: Yes. Shorter than 10 minutes is OK. We’re sticklers, though, on a 10-minute limit.








Question: What do you mean “all ages appropriate”? Answer: Not necessarily content aimed at an audience of families with young children, but that would be suitable if there were kids in the audience, if that subtle distinction makes sense. Our first two plays were world premieres aimed at a mature audience. We considered the content all ages appropriate, and we had some kids come, and it was fine, even though they weren’t perhaps as engaged as they would be if it were geared for younger audiences. Our first two shows, we put on our ticketing page: “All ages appropriate; recommended for audiences 16+” so that parents wouldn’t go in assuming it was a kid show and be upset with us that their kids were disengaged. On the other hand, parents who felt like their sub-16ers were pretty mature were welcome to bring them along.








Other questions? Email us at brothers@hivetix.com.
















The Ten Show Submission Form

Tell us a little bit about yourself. If it seems like it could be a good fit, we’ll reach out to you and set up a chat. 

Sorry. No further play submissions are being accepted at this time. However, we are still seeking candidates for directing and acting participants.

The Ten Show Submission-Directors and Actors

For playwrights, directors, actors.
  • Select all you'd like to be considered for.
  • Rather than a list of shows you've worked, we'd prefer a one-paragraph summary of your experience.
  • Please share with us a one-paragraph summary of how you approach your work and your comfort level in working in a collaborative environment.
  • Our work will be mostly weekday evenings and Saturdays beginning May-June of 2019. We don't need specific dates you're available, but please share with us your general availability in this timeframe. (Playwrights may participate remotely via webcam.)
  • Anything else you'd care to share with us?
  • Section B (for Directors)

    Complete this section if you wish to be considered as a director for The Ten. If selected for The Ten, you would be required to be available on weeknights and Saturdays for several weeks beginning May-June of 2019.
  • Please share with us your experience as a director (a couple of sentences summarizing your work, please, rather than a list of plays). If you are looking at The Ten Show as an opportunity to get into directing, we invite you to share with us your theater experience generally and how it has prepared you for this directing opportunity.
  • Section C (for Actors)

    Complete this section if you wish to be considered as an actor for The Ten. If selected for The Ten, you would be required to be available on weeknights and Saturdays for several weeks beginning May-June of 2019. Actors may not be required for all weeks consecutively.
  • Rather than a list of shows you've acted in, please share with us a one-paragraph summary of your experience.
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