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August 28, 2019 Update:  We’ve been operating this cozy theater now for about 18 months. If there’s something we’ve learned in 18 months of operating a small theater is that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need doing. It’s exhausting. But it can also be thrilling when it all comes together.   


 The Ten Show is an online streaming series originating from Provo, Utah, and designed to be a celebration of the entire process, from script selection to casting, from rehearsals to performance, from budgeting to putting butts in the seats. In this case, it will all be centered around the 10-minute play art form  See if there’s a role in the descriptions below that calls to you. If so, fill out the form below and send it our way. 


Overview of the Show  




We’re looking for 10 people game to take on the role of producing one or more 10-minute plays. You don’t have to have producing experience, but experience in the theater biz, whether on the acting side or crew side, is a plus. You’ll be provided a modest budget (starting at $250 per show) and a venue (The Hive Collaborative, an 80-seat theater in Provo, Utah). You’ll have one week to pull your show together. If you are selected to advance to the next round, you’ll repeat the process.


More About The Working Budget


Each producer starts with an equal budget allocation. It is modest ($250 per 10-minute play for the first two rounds, $500 for the final round). From that budget, you’ll bid for a script you choose from a pool plays chosen by The Ten Show. From that budget, you’ll also need to hire a director (you may choose, if you prefer, to direct the play yourself), cast your show from our pool of actors (you can likewise cast yourself if you want), and rent/assemble costumes and props as needed. Producers can accept freebies (e.g., an actor offers to provide his/her own clothing), but producers are not allowed to supplement their budget with outside funds. In other words, no side deals. Every one starts on equal footing. Unused budget funds from one week, if any, may be carried forward to the following week. 


 The Plays


We put out a call for plays earlier in the year and received many wonderful selections. We’re in the process of reaching out to selected playwrights to gauge their interest in being part of this updated approach to The Ten Show. We’re looking for a pool of 25 10-minute plays, of which we anticipate as many as 20 will be selected to be staged as part of the show. We may re-open our call for submissions if necessary to bring the total number of plays in the pool to 25. If you’re a playwright with a terrific 10-minute play, keep your eye on this page for a temporary re-opening of our call for submissions.


 Bidding for Plays


Producers will have a limited amount of time to review the scripts selected for The Ten Show. They then bid on the script they would like to produce. Playwrights may set their minimum bid amount, which can be anywhere from $1 to the maximum available budget. Playwrights may choose to lower their minimum bid amount if a passionate producer can persuade them to do so. However, playwrights must accept the highest bid amount at the end of the bidding deadline. Deals can include points (see below). Playwrights may also adjust their minimum bid amount each week. Producers may also bid on plays previously performed during The Ten Show season if they would like to bring it back.  




 Actors, please complete the submission form below. If selected to participate in The Ten Show, you will be invited to submit a video audition (uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video, then send us the link) or, if they prefer, schedule an appointment at The Hive Collaborative to have us video your audition pieces for subsequent review by the producers and/or directors. All auditions should include the actor stating his or her name, then one or two one-minute monologues showing your acting range. Video auditions will not be publicly posted on The Ten Show website. Actors may indicate their minimum bid amount, which can be anywhere from $1 to the maximum available budget. Deals can include points (see below). Actors may also adjust their minimum bid amount each week. Actors must be available for a minimum of a one-week (Tuesday through Saturday) of the run. Actors may be cast in more than one show per week, but have the option of declining the second offer.

Deal Points

As we’ve learned through our first 18 months at The Hive Collaborative, putting on a good show is one thing, but a very real part of the play producing experience is generating ticket sales. As such, half of each ticket sale will go the house, and the other half will be divided evenly among the producers whose productions are performed that week. The exception, and this is key, will be for ticket sales that use the producer’s discount code, in which case half will go to the house, and the other half will go to the producer whose discount code was used. Are you a good promoter/good at this social media thing/game to open this process up via Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and All Other Things Live? Funds raised by producers via ticket sales can be allocated as points for the participants in the producer’s current show, cashed out by the producer, or rolled to the next week’s show. 


 Producers advance to subsequent weeks according to votes that are calculated based on votes of the studio audience, voting of the online audience, and executive producers’ save. 

 Prize Money

When we originally came up with this concept, we proposed a more top-heavy award scheme for the $10,000 budget, with the top finishing team taking home the lion’s share. The feedback we received from others in the theater community was that it would be preferred if those funds were more dispersed throughout the process. Hence, our approach of a $250-$500 budget per show to be allocated among the producer/director/playwright/actor team. In addition, the producer who finishes on top will win $1,500 prize to be allocated as negotiated among the winning producer/director/playwright/actor team. The award for second place is $1,000. The award for third place (two producers will tie for this position) is $750 each. Total budgeted funds and award money will still be $10,000, but allocated throughout the process, rather than for just the finalists.  

Weekly Progression


The Ten Show is a nightly commitment (keep your day job!). Monday night is play selection. Tuesday night is casting. Wednesday and Thursday night is rehearsal. Friday and Saturday nights ares the performance nights. (Daytime on Saturday is available for additional rehearsal, if desired.) Producers would need to be available for three weeks of a four week period as follows:


  • Week 1: 1st 5 producers (3 advance to week 3)
  • Week 2: 2nd 5 producers (3 advance to week 3)
  • Week 3: Surviving 6 producers (4 advance to week 4)
  • Week 4: Surviving 4 producers (first, second, and two tied for third) 


Calendar (9/4/2019 Update)

 We had been exploring two potential schedules, but now it looks like we are favoring the following date scenario (not final-final, but pretty final):

The weeks of 10/14, 10/21, 11/4, and 11/18 (note: producers would only need to be available for either the week of 10/14 or the week of 10/21, as the other week would be bye week for them), with closing night on 11/23/19 (Thanksgiving is the following week).  Actors and directors would only need to be available for one of the weeks (although the more weeks, the merrier).




Email brothers (at) hivetix.com.


The Ten Show Submission Form

Tell us a little bit about yourself. If it seems like it could be a good fit, we’ll reach out to you and set up a chat. 

Sorry. No further play submissions are being accepted at this time. However, we are still seeking candidates for producing, directing and acting participants.