Announcing: The Ten Show Season 3

Holiday Filmmaker Edition!

9/4/20 Update: Script submissions for Season 3: Holiday Filmmaker Edition are now closed. Thanks to all who submitted. Still not too late to submit to be a filmmaker, actor, or crew member. Please visit this page.

Script Submissions Now Closed

In light of these unusual times, we adapted our focus in Season 2 from Season 1’s stage play format to a filmmaker format (see the results here). We’re working toward launching Season 3 in November 2020 running through mid-December. (Yes, we know that is coming up crazy fast.)

This will be for a special small-cast, holiday filmmaker edition of The Ten Show. Scripts are not limited to themes surrounding Christmas, although those are welcome. Whatever the holidays mean to you, if you’ve got a great script about it, we invite you to send it our way. One script submission per writer. Scripts should be profanity-free and all ages appropriate. That doesn’t mean it needs to be geared toward a family audience; they can be adult-themed. We invite you to see our Season 2 films for reference.

In this version of The Ten Show, we’ll select a small pool of finalist scripts (about 20 scripts). Working with identical $500 budgets, ten filmmakers will bid to acquire their preferred scripts from that pool. Their budget also needs to cover their cast, crew and out of pocket costs for making the film. Writers determine their minimum acceptable bid amount. The amount must be at least $50, but can be higher (recognizing that the filmmakers’ total budget per film is $500). Deadline is currently set for Aug. 31, 2020, but we reserve the right to extend or reduce that timeframe. We further reduce the right to postpone or cancel Season 3 of circumstances do not permit us to proceed.


Email brothers (at) hivetix.com. 


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Submissions now closed.