The Ten Show: FAQ for Playwrights

Q: What is your target date for when all this would actually happen?

A.We are pushing hard toward dates this fall. If we are  successful, we will wrap production before Thanksgiving. If we are not successful, we will likely work toward a Spring 2020 production date.

Q: Do you have all the directors and performers already lined up in your “collective?”  Can I put you in contact with some candidates?

A: We are still working on lining up our pool of producers, directors, and actors. Candidates would need to be able to work as locals (i.e., cover travel, food, lodging, etc.) in Provo, Utah.

Q. I just want to clarify that this would just mean that the producers would pay me a small rights fee to put up the production for this purpose – but I would still retain the rights to the script afterward?

A. Yes. Producers would place a bid of $1 up to their maximum budget amount of $250. The fee would be paid by The Hive Collaborative, which would have the rights to record and stream the preparation and performances of your play in connection with The Ten Show, including having the play subsequently available on its website, YouTube and other online channels. You would retain the rights to your play.

Q. I have rewritten my play a bit. Would you want the updated script?

A. Yes, we will happily consider rewrites. Please send it to sierra@hivetix.com and reference that it is a rewrite of a play previously accepted to The Ten Show.

Q.  I just want to clarify–I don’t really do anything other than let someone produce my play, correct? And then I can watch what gets streamed?

A. You would be asked to set a minimum bid amount, which you can modify from time to time, as you see fit. You may also be approached by a producer seeking to persuade you to accept a bid below the minimum bid amount. You may also be asked by a producer if you would be open to making a revision to the script as part of a (accelerated) development process. It is up to you to decide if you want to make any revisions. Producers may not permit any alterations to the script without the playwright’s permission.

Q. Is it possible that a producer would not select my play and it would not be produced?

A. Yes. Under our current scenario, we are planning to have a pool of approximately 25 plays from our playwrights for our producers to choose from. We expect 20 of those plays to be produced. It is possible that a producer may seek to “remount” a play that that had been staged previously during The Ten Show, which would reduce the number of plays being produced during the season.

Q. You mentioned that each play would have an initial budget of $250. If a play advances to future rounds/weeks, does the writer receive a separate fee for each round/week it advances into? I ask this because you mentioned that one week there is a $500 budget.

A. Producers have a budget of $250 for round 1, $250 for round 2, and $500 for round 3. From that budget, they must pay their writers, directors, and actors (as well as secure any costumes or props needed). They will first seek to secure a script by making bids. Writers will be paid the winning bid amount for their script only for the week (or weeks) their script was performed.

Q. Once produced, do plays go back to the selection process for another producer, or is there just one production of my play for the whole 4 weeks, regardless of when it’s chosen?

A. While we suspect that each producer may choose to produce plays that haven’t yet been produced during this season of The Ten Show, we intend to let plays previously produced to go back into the pool available for producing again. (One scenario we envision is a producer from week 2 wants a specific script, but a producer from week 1 gets to it first, but fails to advance to the next round, and the week 2 producer thinks it would be worth taking a different approach and “remounting” the production.)

Q. I don’t want to act or direct–but I’d love to chat with director(s) and actors about the script. Is that the live streaming part?

A. We will encourage our producers to invite the playwright’s input to the process. Playwrights would have access to the streaming.

Q. I just got an invitation to submit to a 10-minute play festival elsewhere. Shall I withdraw my play from that play festival? I’m pretty sure they want something that has not been produced, but to be honest I’m not positive from your e-mail that my play will be produced–is that still up in the air?

A. From our perspective for The Ten Show, we are not asking for exclusive rights, so if our playwright’s have other opportunities for their scripts, they are welcome to pursue them. From the perspective of the other play festival, however, we recognize that may not be the case. And yes, it is possible that your play, as one play in a pool of 25 competing for 20 possible opportunities, may not be performed. Of course, it is your call which way you want to go with it. We are working toward a fairly short timeline, so the determination as to whether or not it is produced in our season should be known fairly soon, if that helps at all.

Q. Can I suggest one minimum bid for the first few rounds and another when the budget is larger?

A. Yes, we anticipate that playwrights will have the option to adjust the minimum bid amount each round.

Q. You don’t intend to film/stream an entire performance of any one play, do you? Because if so, that makes me more reluctant to participate.

A. Yes, we intend to stream much of the play creation process, from play selection and casting, through rehearsal and the actual performances. As such, if a play is selected by a producer’s winning bid, the playwright would have to be OK with his or her play being streamed and available subsequently on our website, YouTube, and other online channels. Our hope is that this would be perceived as a positive opportunity for more people to experience the 10-minute play artform as well as to be introduced to some fabulous playwrights.

Q. Since I sent you my play, a version of it has been published by [name of publisher]. Would you be willing to get the rights from [name of publisher]?

A. We suspect that, under your agreement with your publisher, there may be limitations that preclude our anticipated usage of your play, or that the back-and-forth necessary to determine that may be impractical for our timeframe. This may be a stretch, but if your publisher gives you written permission to negotiate a separate agreement with us to use your play in The Ten Show on a non-exclusive basis, and would be willing to accept a one of our show producer’s bid that meets or exceeds your publisher’s per performance rights, please let us know. We recognize that may be challenging, so as an alternative, we would invite you to submit a different play if you have one for consideration.

Anything we missed or are missing the boat on? We want to hear from you. Email brothers (at) hivetix (dot) com.