The Lost Works Auditions

The Hive Collaborative is casting for the World Premiere of LOST WORKS.

All roles paid a minimum of $1000.

About Lost Works

STORY: Each night, a forlorn father tells his comatose daughter a little bit more of his made-up version of a lost Shakespeare play, which she, in her realm of consciousness, imagines to life. When their made-up story ends abruptly at the end of Act I, she sends the characters on a quest in modern-day England to find their author and persuade him to finish their story.

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: Earlier versions of LOST WORKS, under the title “Incompleat Works,” had a workshop run in 2015 as part of the Echo Theater’s Writer’s Showcase in Provo in 2015 and a staged reading by Boomerang Theatre Company as part of its First Flight Festival in New York City in 2016.


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