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What is the Ten Show?

What is the Ten Show: Ten filmmakers are provided identical $500 budgets to make their 10-minute movies in 10 working days, from script acquisition to world premiere. During the three days following the premiere screenings, the qualifying films will have an equal number of public screenings at The Ten Show festival held at The Hive Collaborative in Provo. Through a bidding process (deemed the “Script Wars” episode) live-streamed as part of  The Ten Show, the filmmakers compete with each other to win their preferred script from the same pool of 12 scripts selected by producers of the Hive Collaborative (minimum bid: $50). 

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for scripts that would lend themselves to adaptation as a short film with an abbreviated production time frame with small casts (2-6), limited number of locations and whose length is between 8-11 minutes.

We prefer scripts that are all ages appropriate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be aimed at an adult audience. For reference, we would direct you to our Season 2 films , which you can see at:

If your script is selected as a finalist, it will go into our pool of scripts for Season 3. We anticipate selecting 12 scripts as finalists, of which 10 would be selected for production by the filmmakers. Filmmakers would have a chance to bid on your script. You set the minimum bid amount you would accept ($50 or more). Filmmakers have a budget of $500 to work with to acquire rights to a script and secure the services of a small cast and crew. Furthermore, all scripts that become produced will be placed in the running to receive the award of Top Screenplay and a $500 prize.

If two or more filmmakers bid your minimum bid or higher, the two highest bidders will have an opportunity during the script-selection episode to plead their case to you over the phone. You would then have the opportunity to decide which filmmaker gets to produce your script. If we are unable to reach you during the episode, the high bidder will be awarded the rights. If the two highest bids are equal, the two highest bidders would have an opportunity to re-bid.

Scripts may have been previously produced. One submission per writer. Writers grant The Hive Collaborative the rights to stream the movie on its streaming platforms (such as and The Hive Collaborative YouTube channel)

Currently anticipating closing this opportunity on 05/02/22. Depending on circumstances, the timeframe for The Ten Show and its accompanying deadlines are subject to change.

Selected Scripts will receive an agreement to be signed, details of which can be requested by emailing


Length: 8-11 minutes

Cast Size: 2–6 

Age Appropriateness: All ages

Thank you for your submissions!

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