Get Your Tickets for “The Ten Show”  

What’s “The Ten Show”? 

  • Part short-play festival, part reality competition show
  • A celebration of the 10-minute play art form 

Who’s in “The Ten Show”? 

  • 10 producers – they get one week to put together a show
  • 20 playwrights – they have written fabulous plays that our producers can bid on
  • 30+ actors and directors – they are the talent pool that our producers can bid on for their services 

When’s “The Ten Show”? 

Four performances only: 

  • 10/19 (Round 1, Part A)
  • 10/26 (Round 1, Part B)
  • 11/9: Round 2
  • 11/23: Final Round 

How Do I Watch “The Ten Show” 

  • Much of the behind the scenes process will be streamed live online free at HiveChannel5.com
  • If you happen to be in the neighborhood (Provo, Utah) during one of the performance dates indicated above, click the link below for tickets to watch it live and in person.  See the ticket link to learn how to get half-price tickets and help your favorite producer advance to the next round.
  • If you’re not local, watch the performance live online at hivechannel5.com.   

Are There Discount Tickets Available?

  • Use your favorite producer’s discount code to get your tickets for half price AND help your favorite producer boost her/his budget.
  • At check out, use producer’s discount code in the following format; “producername”. For example, if my favorite producer is named Ellen, I would use the discount code “producerellen” at checkout to get my tickets for half price.
  • Discount code for each producer only works on the performance nights when they have a show scheduled (see event details on the ticket   

How Do I Get Involved in “The Ten Show”? 

  • We are still accepting more talent for our actor/director pool. Click the Apply… button below for info on participating.
  • Share a link to this page with anyone who is a supporter of theater! We hope others will enjoy watching this process and be inspired to create works themselves. 

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Hive Channel 5

Hive Channel 5 is the streaming home of The Hive Collaborative, originating content from its stage in Provo, Utah. 

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