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Hey, you!

You with the inspiring idea for a project that’s keeping you awake at night. Scroll down. We have something we want to run by you.

We’re the Agles.

 We’re working on building a place in Provo, Utah, where we hope inspiring ideas can be nurtured, developed, and, if all goes well, eventually find an appreciative audience.


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all goes according to plan (you never know – it could happen), in a few weeks, this empty space Provo will have a 80-seat performance stage.

Almost there…

while we’re working on this, we’re hoping that you’re working on developing that inspiring idea that might still be a work in progress that could perhaps benefit from a place like this. It might be original music, a new play, an online series, a course, or something else.


We know there can be many barriers to such projects. We’re hoping that maybe we can help remove some of them, like the high costs of venues, and nudge them toward performance or production dates on our calendar.


If you think a collaborative approach like this might be a good fit for your project, we’d like to invite you to tell us a little bit about it below. And about yourself. If it seems like a good fit to us, too, we’d invite you to come for a visit so we can discuss it further and see what comes of it.


Welcome to The Hive Collaborative.



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