The Ten Show

Ten filmmakers are provided identical $500 budgets to make their 10-minute movies in 10 working days, from script acquisition to world premiere

What is the Ten Show?

Ten filmmakers are provided identical $500 budgets to make their 10-minute movies in 10 working days, from script acquisition to world premiere. Through a bidding process (deemed the “Script Wars” episode) livestreamed as part of The Ten Show, the filmmakers compete with each other to win their preferred script from the same pool of 12 scripts selected by the producers of The Hive Collaborative, which will put out an open call for script submissions (minimum bid: $50). Filmmakers assemble their own cast and crew, but each person who works on the film must be paid a minimum of $50 for their services, and the filmmaker must keep within their $500 budget.

What’s New this Season?

We learned a lot from Season 2 of The Ten Show and are changing things up a bit with Season 3.

VOTING: In Season 2, voting was largely online based on “boons” purchased online. This season, votes will be counted as follows: 33% of the scoring will be determined by public online voting (one vote per email address); 33% by festival attendees; and 33% by members of The Hive Collaborative, which includes filmmakers from Season 3, filmmakers from Season 2, and nominees in acting and writing categories from Season 2.

PRIZE MONEY: Prize money has increased, with the filmmaker with the top score earning $2,500, 2nd place earning $1,500, 3rd place earning $1,000, and $500 to each remaining filmmaker. $500 prizes will also be awarded to best actor, best actress, best script. Total prize money awarded is $10,000.

TIME: Season 2 was fast and furious, with just a few days to turn in a completed film, and top vote getters needing to gear up again for a second round. In Season 3, there is only one round, and production time has been increased to 10 working days.

FESTIVAL SCREENINGS: During the three days following the premiere screenings, the qualifying films will have an equal number of public screenings at The Ten Show festival held at The Hive Collaborative in Provo. Members of the public who view at least half of the films will be awarded a ballot to vote.



CASTING: In Season 2, there were live-streamed open auditions held with filmmakers bidding for the services of their preferred actors. In Season 3, filmmakers will be responsible for assembling their own cast. The only stipulation is that each actor must be paid from the $500 budget (no side deals allowed) and must be paid a minimum of $50 each.

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Hive Collaborative will seek to send out a crew to visit various sets during the production to provide viewers with production updates. In addition, filmmakers are invited to livestream periodically to their social networks their progress and hashtag The Hive Collaborative and The Ten Show.