Casting Call for Pilot Season of “Enter the Hex”

The Hive Collaborative is pleased to announce auditions for ENTER THE HEX, a live-streaming series that helps viewers of all ages see why role-playing tabletop games like D&D are exploding in popularity.


We have roles for every level of gaming experience, from expert to complete novice who is game to dive right in and have fun with it.


About the Show


The show will originate from the stage of The Hive Collaborative in Provo, Utah in front of a live audience. It will be streamed live and made available for playback on demand. The pilot season of the show will run for five consecutive Friday and Saturday evenings, beginning April 12 and ending May 11. Some roles require a commitment to each of the evening performances. Others require only a commitment to four of the evenings. For the pilot season, compensation will consist of a modest travel stipend.


Roles & Schedule


Team Captains


Each team of four players will have a captain, who will provide in-game instruction and encouragement to team members. Team captains should be experienced in role-playing tabletop games. Team captains will be part of the play each night of the pilot season and, as such, must be available for the full run of the show.




Each team will consist of four players, each of whom will be featured for at least one Friday/Saturday pair of shows. Players need not be experienced in tabletop role-playing games, but should be willing to gamely dive right into their character and determine the extent they want to follow the advice of their team captains. In addition, one player for each team will be chosen by the audience to return to play on the final Friday/Saturday of the show. As such, players must be available for one of the following pairs of dates: April 12-13, April 19-20, April 26-27 & May 3-4. In addition, all players must be available for the final two nights: May 10-11, should they be selected by our audience to return.


In addition to the performance nights, team captains and players will be required to attend game-play instruction rehearsals during several evenings prior to the game nights. Dates and times to be negotiated.


Audition Dates


All roles are available. Auditions for team captains will be held March 8 from 7-9 pm and March 9 from 10 am to noon. Auditions for players will be held March 22 from 7-9 pm and March 23 from 10 am to noon. Other audition time slots and dates may be scheduled as needed.


What to Prepare


Team captains. Those auditioning for one of the four team captains should come familiar with the four teams descriptions (see below) and be prepared to play a brief simulated tabletop role-playing game as captain of one of the teams. Pick a team that sounds like it would be a good fit.


Players. Those auditioning to be a player should come up with a character name and profile as a player on one of the four teams (see descriptions below). We’ll ask you to take a minute to share with us a little about your character as that character. We may then present verbally present a situation to you and ask you to respond to it as your character would.


Team Descriptions


Four teams will compete for the Hex Cup:




  • Shadows, mystery, secrets, revenge, deception.
  • Likely members would be rogues, assassins, nobles with business in information, bards, monks, warlocks.




  • Members of Talam are the gentle wind and the savage storm.
  • They live in harmony with nature. Nature’s dominion is theirs to steward and protect.




  • A warrior tribe as old as civilization. The name has become synonymous with merciless destruction.
  • Fiercely loyal to their clan, easily angered, supremely deadly.




  • An order formed to honor a young peasant girl named Aria who united a divided nation and sacrificed her life in an effort bring about lasting peace.
  • Members of the Order of Aria value truth and light, above all.




Auditions will be held at The Hive Collaborative, Utah’s new theater. We’re located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601.


Schedule Your Audition


Sorry! Auditions are now closed.



Announcing Auditions for a Special Small-Cast Edition of Liken’s “The First Christmas”

This Christmas season, The Hive Collaborative will present a family show, Liken’s “The First Christmas,” like it’s never been seen before. The Christmas movie from the Liken series has long been a favorite of families everywhere, and the 50+ person stage version has been presented by community and church groups all over the world for the past decade. In this new, small-cast version of the show, members of an extended family play nearly all the roles in a special Christmas Eve musical retelling of the first Christmas. When it comes time for the heavenly host choir to join in, that’s when the fun happens as we enlist the aid of our audience, who will be taught their part of the songs under the merry tutelage of the angel Gabriel.

This will be the world premiere of this special small-cast, Heavenly Host Choir sing-along edition of Liken’s “The First Christmas.”

Audition Options

We offer various options for auditioning at The Hive.

  • Audition by Appointment: Friday, Sept. 14, 6-10 pm. Email us at brothers@hivetix.com to request an appointment and your availability within that time slot or during the open-call audition on Saturday, Sept. 15, 10 am to 1 pm. We will work to assign you a time within your stated availability. Auditions will be held at The Hive in Provo.
  • Open-Call Audition: Saturday, Sept. 15, 10 am to 1 pm at The Hive in Provo.
  • Audition by Video: Upload a video of your audition (see audition prep below) to YouTube or similar service as an unlisted video and send a link to brothers@hivetix.com. Please submit video auditions by noon Saturday, Sept. 15.

What to Prepare

Please be prepared to sing 16 bars from two contrasting pieces. We will not have an accompanist, so please bring a phone/device with the music on it ready to go (we will have a standard adapter to connect from your phone/device’s earphone jack to our sound system) or sing them a cappella. Please also prepare a monologue of up to one-minute. If you prefer, we can provide you sides.

Call Backs

Date: TBA


All roles are singing parts and are compensated.

  • Gabriel, the angel
  • Frank Baylor, grandfather
  • Elsie Baylor, grandmother
  • Jeanette Baylor, the mom
  • Rob Baylor, the dad
  • Merilee Winston, college-age daughter
  • Devin Winston, college-age son-in-law
  • Abbie Baylor, teenage daughter
  • Max Baylor, teenage son

Performance Schedule

The tentative schedule:

  • Preview: 11/29
  • Opening Night: 11/30
  • Then Th, Fr, Sa, Mo nights at 7 pm
  • Closing night: Saturday, 12/22
  • 14 performances

Rehearsal Schedule

5-week rehearsal schedule starting 10/29 and running most weeknight evenings (not Halloween) from 7-9 pm and Saturday mornings 10-12 (subject to negotiation, as some directors/casts may elect to make certain rehearsals longer to free up one or more evenings/Saturdays).


Please post any questions below or email us at brothers@hivetix.com.

Closing Week for “The Actors”

It has been a wonderful experience to have as the inaugural production at The Hive the world premiere of “The Actors” by Ronnie Larsen. Sadly, all good things must come to an end (for now), and Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 is our closing night.

Closing week will include performances on 9/5, 9/6, 9/7, and 9/8, with all performances beginning at 7:30 pm.

Live Music

Of special note, the 9/5 performance will feature live music during scene changes. Our artist will be Robert Ikey Starks. Robert has been singing since he was a young boy and playing guitar since he was a teenager. He goes by the moniker Apple Bear on youtube where he brings you lovely songs in very homemade fashion via an old Iphone 5s. He is in the band Dinosaur Kisses and is the Musical Director for the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. Some favorite plays he’s been involved with are Chris Clark’s adaptation of The Little Mermaid, and Titus Andronicus put on by The Grassroots Shakespeare Company, and Morag Shepherd’s original play Poppy’s In The Sand put on by Sackerson in SLC.

Live Auction

Of special note #2, the 9/8 performance will feature a live auction of some of the fun, unique props featured in the play, including vinyl albums from the ’70s and a working “Rock-‘Em, Sock-‘Em Robot” set. 100% of the proceeds of the auction will go to benefit Foyer Coin des Cieux, an orphanage/school in Haiti the Agles have been working with over the years. The funds will go toward increasing the school’s solar energy capacity (“the grid” in Haiti is notoriously unreliable). All attendees from any night during the run are invited to participate. If you aren’t planning on attending the 9/8 performance, but would like to participate in the auction regardless, you are welcome to come to the theater shortly after 9:30 at no charge.

For more details on the option and to see some of the fun items that will be auctioned, please go here. 

If you do want to buy tickets to any of our remaining performances, please go here.



Casting Call for “The Bookbinder’s Tale”

Casting Call for the Second Show in The Hive Collaborative’s Inaugural Season

This will be the world premiere of “The Bookbinder’s Tale,” written by Bo Wilson. Directed by Diedra Celeste Miranda. Produced by Ken Agle & Dennis Agle.

Once upon a time, at a Prominent University, a young woman wanted to help people see their lives as stories they tell themselves and each other. Once upon a time, at the same Prominent University, the chair of its English department, who was also the young woman’s fiancé, wanted to indulge her. Once upon a time, at (yes), a cheerful and charming Italian bookbinder thought the young woman’s story and his own might become a single saga. “The Bookbinder’s Tale” is a love triangle that travels in and out of its three characters’ fables, seen through one another’s eyes. Circumstances that seemed set become fluid, and futures shift with startling speed. By turns funny, breathtaking, and touching, it invites us to return to Story–our oldest and best home.

As this is the world premiere of this play, you will have the opportunity to originate these characters in this funny, moving new play suitable for all audiences.


  • Mina, 27 years old. Holder of a fairly worthless Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature. She is about to conduct her first night course at a Prominent University. She’s not quite sure whether her current life is the dead end it has suddenly begun to feel like.
  • Rupert, 40 years old. Professor of Literary Criticism at a Prominent University. He is an authoritative academic.
  • Paolo. 44 years old. He is an Italian craftsman and artisan-in-residence at the same Prominent University. He is grounded, soulful.

Prepare: Please bring a one-minute monologue. We may also ask you to do a cold read of a selection from the script. If you are auditioning for the Paolo role, please be prepared to deliver your monologue in a slight Italian accent.

Compensated. All actors will share in gross ticket sales, with a “not less than” amount guaranteed.

Open Call Audition Date: Saturday, July 21, 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Callbacks by appointment early the following week.

Video Audition Option: If you are unable to attend our July 21 open call audition, but would still like to be considered, you may submit a video audition. Please do not send us the video, but upload the video (as an unlisted video to YouTube, for example), then send us a link (using the form below). Please submit your video audition no later than Saturday, Sept. 21, at 2:30 pm MDT. Callbacks by appointment early the following week (in person).

Performance Dates: Currently scheduled to open Sept. 21 and run Wednesdays through Saturdays through Oct. 13, although that may be pushed back 1 week.

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals scheduled to start mid-to-late August and run Mon-Thursday evenings, Saturdays 10 am to noon.

Where: The Hive Collaborative, a new 86-seat theater focusing on new plays located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601 (one block from the Frontrunner station). Depending on the geographic location of our cast, some of the early rehearsal times may be adjusted as well as held in Salt Lake County for convenience.

Questions? Fill out the following form and we will respond asap.

Audition Questions

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Casting Call for “The Actors”

Casting call for “The Actors,” a new play written by Ronnie Larsen. Directed by Patrick Newman. Produced by Ken Agle & Dennis Agle, The Hive Collaborative, Provo, Utah.

As this is the world premiere of this play, you will have the opportunity to originate these characters in this funny, moving new play suitable for all audiences.

Logline: A man is so grief-stricken by the death of his parents that he hires two actors to come in a few hours a week and pretend to be his parents so he can have a famiy again, but things don’t go as planned.


  • Ronnie, 30s-40s. The grief-stricken man.
  • Jean, 30s-50s. The actress Ronnie hires to play his mom.
  • Clarence: 30s-50s. The actor Ronnie hires to play his dad.
  • Actor Jay, late teens to mid 20s. Jean’s actor son.
  • Real Jay, 30s-40s. The grief-stricken man’s brother.

Prepare: Please bring a one-minute monologue. We may also ask you to do a cold read of a selection from the script.

Compensated. All actors will share in gross ticket sales, with a “not less than” amount guaranteed.

Open Call Audition Dates: June 19 & 20, 7 pm to 9 pm. Callbacks: June 22, 7 pm to 9 pm and June 23, 10 am to noon.

Performance Dates: July 31 & Aug. 1, dress rehearsals; Aug. 2, preview; Aug. 3, opening night. Then Wed-Sat evenings from Aug. 3 to Aug. 25. Possibly adding matinees on Saturdays if there is sufficient demand.

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals start July 2 and run Mon-Fridays, 7 pm to 9 pm, Saturdays 10 am to noon. No rehearsals July 4, July 7, or July 24.

Reading/workshop with Author: Two evenings tbd week of June 25.

Where: The Hive Collaborative, a new 82-seat theater focusing on new plays located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601 (one block from the Frontrunner station).

Other Positions? Yes, we need to fill other positions, if not for this production, for future productions. Please see here.

Questions? Fill out the following form and we will respond asap.

Audition Questions

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