CASTING COMPLETE: Now Casting for The Ten Show!

If an in-show producer has invited you to call backs for The Ten Show based on your audition in The Ten Show’s talent pool, if an in-show producer has invited you directly to call backs for this week’s show, or if below is a character from the scripts that seems like it would be a good fit, come to call back auditions at The Hive. Here are the details:


Auditions for The Ten Show Final Round, week 4.


The Hive Collaborative, 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601


Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 starting at 7 pm (end time tbd)

What to Prepare

Please bring a copy of your resume for the producers to review before the show and be prepared to read sides for a given role. You may be invited by other producers in attendance as well to read sides from their selected plays. Producers then may bid for your acting services. If more than one producer bids for your services, you may select from the two highest bidders.

Roles (Week 4)

Merry Christmas, Good Soldier

Strangers meet on Christmas Day at a national military cemetery and find solace in their Christmas memories.

  • WOMAN – middle-aged, her father was interred at the cemetery one week earlier
  • MAN 1 – middle-aged, his father had been interred at the cemetery four months earlier
  • MAN 2 – older brother to MAN 1

Queens of the Realm

Four hundred years after the destruction of the earth, in the Land of the Realm, two rival queens vie for control of the kingdom. But when Queen Becky the Brave thwarts the royal ambitions of Queen Molly the Magnificent, can all-out war be far behind? Queens of the Realm is a fantastical comedy about power, strategy, and sibling rivalry.

  • QUEEN BECKY – Female, Mid to Late 20’s, clad in the livery of an Elven Warrior Queen
  • QUEEN MOLLY – Female, Early to Mid 20’s, garbed in the beautiful robes of an Arthurian noblewoman

The Coriolis Effect

A man has an existential crisis after getting his hand stuck in a toilet. He calls for his wife to come to his rescue, but her form of rescue is on a different order than what he’s looking for.

  • MATT – 40s, male, uptight, excitable husband of Lisa
  • LISA – 40s, female, cool, playful wife of Matt

Zombie Hearts Never Beat

What good is a beating heart that can’t love?

The zombie apocalypse is a lot less terrible than one might think. The heart stoppers (zombies) live
in relative harmony with the heart beaters (live humans). But Justin has been recruited for a drug
trial that will jump start his heart. Unfortunately, that means he’ll never be able to be with his true
love, his heart-stopper girlfriend, Lucy.

  • JUSTIN (M) – 20s-30, zombie, nice guy, means well
  • LUCY (F) – 20s-30s, zombie, nice girl, smarter than her boyfriend Justin
  • RUBY (F) – 40s-60s, zombie, career waitress
  • NORB/NANA (M/F) – 40s-60s, zombie, diner chef, cranky. Change pronouns as needed.
  • BONNIE-ANN (F) – 20s-30s, zombie, not a very good waitress, fun
  • CONSTANCE/CONNOR (F/M) – Any age that looks good in a corporate suit. Caring, but this is business. Change pronouns as needed.



Email hivestagemanager@gmail.com


CASTING CLOSED:Casting Call for Season 3 of “Enter the Hex”

The Hive Collaborative is pleased to announce it is casting for ENTER THE HEX SEASON 3; The Ugly Deep, an online tabletop roleplaying gameprov series. 


Enter the Hex Show Logo


About the Show


The show will originate from the stage of The Hive Collaborative in Provo, Utah in front of a live studio audience. Season 3 will run for five Friday and Saturday evenings over six weeks, beginning January 17 and ending February 22, 2020 (note: no performances scheduled for Feb 14-15).


Roles & Schedule




Some pretty big changes have occurred in Throssia since Kesukara was overthrown. As such, changes have also taken place in the Hex. There will be no Guardian roles this season, and the Clan of Malthior has been reintroduced to the Hextant. All auditions will be for Champion roles with pre-designed characters.




The Champions’ schedule will also be different this season. There will be a total of 15 champions cast. We will have 5 Champions (one from each clan) who will start off the show and play until they perish in battle or are otherwise lost to the quest. When this happens, the next Champion in line from that clan will step into their role and do the same. The first and second Champions are likely to have stage time, the third Champion may or may not. It may all depend on a roll of a die.


With this change, actors must be available for every week the run of the show and able to jump in with a days notice if the Champion before them has died. All actors will be compensated, regardless of stage time.


Audition Dates


Auditions for all roles will be held Friday, October 11 from 7-9 pm and Saturday, October 12 from 10 am to 1pm. Other audition time slots and dates may be scheduled as needed. 


What to Prepare


For your audition, we ask that you come prepared with a monologue, about 1 minute long, that shows your acting strengths. These monologues can be from a play, musical, TV show, or movie. You can also find pre-cut monologues here. We’re not looking for your memorization skills, so don’t worry about getting every word right. We’re mostly interested in how well you embody the character you’re portraying.


We may ask you to embody one of the Season 3 characters (we’ll have descriptions at the audition) to engage in an improv exercise with our Hexmaster, showing your improv ability and willingness to commit to the character and story. Actors need not be experienced in tabletop role-playing games, but should be willing to gamely dive right into their assigned character.


We are looking for people who familiar with the Hexposition of both seasons 1 & 2. You can watch these seasons here.




Auditions will be held at The Hive Collaborative, Utah’s new theater. We’re located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601.


Schedule Your Audition