Casting Call for the Second Show in The Hive Collaborative’s Inaugural Season

This will be the world premiere of “The Bookbinder’s Tale,” written by Bo Wilson. Directed by Diedra Celeste Miranda. Produced by Ken Agle & Dennis Agle.

Once upon a time, at a Prominent University, a young woman wanted to help people see their lives as stories they tell themselves and each other. Once upon a time, at the same Prominent University, the chair of its English department, who was also the young woman’s fiancé, wanted to indulge her. Once upon a time, at (yes), a cheerful and charming Italian bookbinder thought the young woman’s story and his own might become a single saga. “The Bookbinder’s Tale” is a love triangle that travels in and out of its three characters’ fables, seen through one another’s eyes. Circumstances that seemed set become fluid, and futures shift with startling speed. By turns funny, breathtaking, and touching, it invites us to return to Story–our oldest and best home.

As this is the world premiere of this play, you will have the opportunity to originate these characters in this funny, moving new play suitable for all audiences.


  • Mina, 27 years old. Holder of a fairly worthless Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature. She is about to conduct her first night course at a Prominent University. She’s not quite sure whether her current life is the dead end it has suddenly begun to feel like.
  • Rupert, 40 years old. Professor of Literary Criticism at a Prominent University. He is an authoritative academic.
  • Paolo. 44 years old. He is an Italian craftsman and artisan-in-residence at the same Prominent University. He is grounded, soulful.

Prepare: Please bring a one-minute monologue. We may also ask you to do a cold read of a selection from the script. If you are auditioning for the Paolo role, please be prepared to deliver your monologue in a slight Italian accent.

Compensated. All actors will share in gross ticket sales, with a “not less than” amount guaranteed.

Open Call Audition Date: Saturday, July 21, 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Callbacks by appointment early the following week.

Video Audition Option: If you are unable to attend our July 21 open call audition, but would still like to be considered, you may submit a video audition. Please do not send us the video, but upload the video (as an unlisted video to YouTube, for example), then send us a link (using the form below). Please submit your video audition no later than Saturday, Sept. 21, at 2:30 pm MDT. Callbacks by appointment early the following week (in person).

Performance Dates: Currently scheduled to open Sept. 21 and run Wednesdays through Saturdays through Oct. 13, although that may be pushed back 1 week.

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals scheduled to start mid-to-late August and run Mon-Thursday evenings, Saturdays 10 am to noon.

Where: The Hive Collaborative, a new 86-seat theater focusing on new plays located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601 (one block from the Frontrunner station). Depending on the geographic location of our cast, some of the early rehearsal times may be adjusted as well as held in Salt Lake County for convenience.

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