We are delighted to announce the semifinalist for the inaugural production at The Hive. Of the 284 30-page excerpts submitted, we requested full-play submissions from 24 playwrights. (Note that there were other plays submitted that we intend to consider for later or seasonal productions, but these 24 plays were identified as potentially good fits for our first play out of the gate.) Of those 24, we identified the following six plays as semi-finalists.

  1. ANOTHER AMERICA, Bill Rosenfield
  2. HEARTS OF STONE, Donna Hoke
  3. MOSES, THE AUTHOR, Andrew R. Heinze
  4. THE ACTORS, Ronnie Larsen
  6. THE DOG IN THE DRESSING ROOM, Deborah Savadge

We will announce the inaugural production soon. Thanks to all who have submitted thus far. If you haven’t yet submitted a play, and you think you have one that would be a good fit for The Hive, please send it our way.