We are delighted to announce that the inaugural play for the inaugural season at The Hive will be the world premiere of “The Actors,” written by Ronnie Larsen. The play will be directed by Patrick Newman and produced by Ken Agle & Dennis Agle of The Hive Collaborative.

“The Actors” is about a man is so grief-stricken by the death of his parents that he hires two actors to come in a few hours a week and pretend to be his parents so he can have a famiy again, but things don’t go as planned. This fun and moving new play is suitable for all audiences.

Opening night is scheduled for Aug. 17, 2018, at The Hive’s new theater in Provo, Utah.

We are grateful to all the playwrights who submitted their work for consideration. Many of these works are being considered for subsequent slots during The Hive’s inaugural season. In addition, submissions are still open here.