We’ve received some questions from playwrights regarding our call for submissions for our inaugural season. Much of this is being worked out as we go along, but we’ll share what we do know at this stage. Don’t see something you’re wondering about, drop us a line at brothers@hivetix.com.


Q. What is the approximate date of your inaugural play?

A. Uncertain at this point, as we are working through a couple remaining permit issues, but in broad strokes, we’re working toward putting up our inaugural play in Summer 2018.


Q. How many performances of a play do you intend?

A. This is to be determined, but at this point, we’re thinking runs of 3-4 weeks, with 4-5 performances a week.


Q. What do you expect of the playwright? Meeting with production staff, director, attend rehearsals, opening night, etc?

A. We are hoping to have an ongoing line of communication with the playwright, possibly including seeking further development of the script (recognizing, of course, that the script is the playwright’s baby and the playwright has final say), online participation at readings, periodic online attendance at production meetings, periodic availability for online consultation with cast and crew during the rehearsal process, and online availability for media interviews as production nears. If any of this can be done in person, that would be terrific, but we recognize that it may not be practical, and technology can be our friend that makes remote participation possible. In short, we’re hoping for a truly collaborative experience for all involved throughout the process. If you’re comfortable with that, then The Hive Collaborative could be a good fit for you.


Q. Will you have a spotlight?

A. Yes.


Q. Do you envision your seating wrapping around the stage?

A. While we have some flexibility, our basic set up will be about six rows of 13-14 seats each, with each row on risers facing the stage directly in front of them.


Q. Do you plan any play specific merchandising?

A. We’ll have some Hive merchandise, but would be open to play specific merchandising.


Submit your questions to brothers@hivetix.com.