Liken’s “The First Christmas”

This Christmas season, The Hive Collaborative presents a fun show for the whole family, Liken’s “The First Christmas,” like it’s never been seen before. The Christmas movie from the Liken the Scriptures series has long been a favorite of families everywhere, and the 50+ person stage version has been presented by community and church groups all over the world for the past decade. In this new, small-cast version of the show, members of an extended family play nearly all the roles in a special Christmas Eve musical retelling of the first Christmas. When it comes time for the heavenly host choir to join in, that’s when the fun happens as we enlist the aid of our audience, who will be taught their part of the songs under the merry tutelage of The Conductor.

With music and lyrics by Aaron Edson, book by Dennis Agle, with additional music by Don Blackburn and Ken Agle, don’t miss the world premiere of this special small-cast, Heavenly Host Choir sing-along edition of Liken’s “The First Christmas.”

No children under 3, please (the theater is intimate and there is no cry room or lobby space that is audibly separated from the stage). Estimated running time: 90 minutes with intermission.

Nov. 30 to Dec. 22, 2018 

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7 p.m.

Welcome back special guest Cherie Call! We loved having singer-songwriter Cherie Call help kick off our run with a live performance of songs from her new Christmas album, “A Merry Little Christmas” on opening night. We’re delighted to have her join us one more time for our Friday, Dec. 14th show. Cherie will perform beginning at 7 pm, with “The First Christmas” starting at 7:20. Come join us for wonderful evening.

Get your Dec. 14th tickets here.


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